Climate Change Adaptation
Disaster Planning

Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR): Projects that primarily focusing on DRR, CC adaptation (CCA) and mitigation viz. BAC (building adaptive capacity) is a CCA project. Besides, NRM projects like CREL, WBRP also address CCA, mitigation with specific activity packages.

Climate change (CC) adaptation and mitigation activities are oftennot an isolated/new activities rather embedded in regular development activities with specific actions to address CC issues. For example, in agriculture, if we consider saline or flood tolerant crop varieties to overcome the effects of increased salinity or flooding respectively (adaptation/DRR). Swamp forest restoration project brought four forests under CB-NRM and plantation in fallow areas with livelihood support addressed both EBA and mitigation (carbon sequestration) including DRR (swamp forest reduce wave action and protect village mounds from erosion). Restoration of mangroves along riverside lands (char land) in coastal areas of Khulna, Satkhira and Barguna districts would help reducing damaging effects of cyclones and storm surges. Mangrove provides both adaptation and mitigation benefits including DRR. CBAECA installed three solar based irrigation plants in Hakaluki Haor brought 300 acres of Fallow land under rice production add ressed both adaptation and mitigation aspect of CC. Demonstrating "wet and dry" method of irrigation in 10 farmers plots to save water, reduce cost and reduce carbon foot print (reduced use of fuel), swamp afforestation and wetland rehabilitation, WBRP addressed both ecosystem based adaptation (EBA)and mitigation. CREL demonstrated saline tolerant rice varieties, freshwater swamp afforestation, mangrove restoration, wetland rehabilitation, plantation addressed both EBA and mitigation aspects of CC including DRR (mangroves protect communities against cyclone and storm surge).

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