Donors and Partners


To achieve its goal, CNRS has been working in collaboration with various partners in implementing projects, such as:


  • Community-based Fishers Management and Habitat Restoration Project during 1994 to 1997.

  • Community-based Wetland Management during 1998 to 2002.


  • NRSP Project (R6756) on "Investigation of livelihood strategies and resource use patterns in floodplain production systems based on rice and fish in Bangladesh" during 1996-2000 with New Castle University-UK.

  • NRSP Project (R7562) on "Methods for consensus building for management of common property resources" during 2000-2001 with New Castle University-UK, WorldFish Center, BCAS.

  • NRSP Project (R7868) on "Maximization of joint benefits from multiple resource use in Bangladesh floodplains" during 2000-2001 with Reading University-UK and MRAG-UK.

  • NRSP Project (R8195) on "Integrated floodplain management - institutional environments and participatory methods" during 2002-2004 with ITAD-UK, WorldFish Cente.

  • NRSP Project (R8223) on "Consensus building in common pool resources: a learning and communications program for the PAPD methodology" during 2002-2003 with ITAD-UK.

  • NRSP Project (R8306) - Better options for Integrated Floodplain Management (IFM) : Uptake promotion 2003-2005 with ITAD MRAG, WorldFish Center, Reading University-UK.

  • NRSP Project ''Promotion of sustainable institutions for integrated floodplain managment'' May 2005-Sept. 2005.

  • DoF and WorldFish Center 5-year long CBFM-2 (Community-based Fisheries Management, phase-2) project since 2001.

  • Fourth Fisheries Project/DoF: Participatory Assessment of Social and Institutional Aspects of Fish Pass and Fish Friendly Regulators in July-August 2002 with IUCN.

  • Fourth Fisheries Project/DoF: "Fish-Pass and Fish Friendly Regulators Community Participation phase-I: Opinion Survey" in August-September 2002.

  • Fourth Fisheries Project/DoF: Community Mobilization in Fish Pass sites in 2003-2004.


  • CARE: Flood Proofing Project (FPP) in the haor basin (Jamalgonj upazila) during June 2002 to September 2004.

  • CARE: Baseline and seasonal surveys on the socioeconomic and flood vulnerability of Flood Proofing Project (FPP).

  • CARE: "Long Term Environmental Impact Monitoring of Rural Roads" in 1996-1999.

  • Biodiversity Support Program/USAID: Year long study on Fish Diversity in 2 Wetlands in Tangail during 1993 to 1994.

  • BREAD Project/Winrock International USDA: Environmental Awareness activity during 1999-2000.

  • MACH Project with Winrock International, BCAS and Caritas since 1998.


  • Action Aid Bangladesh: Hoar Elaka Unnayon Nagorik Oikka (HUNO) project during mid 2002 to mid 2004.

  • Implementing 3-year long Advocacy Campaign on people's rights and access to Hoar Resource since January 2005.


  • UNDP/MoEF/IUCN: Wetland Component of Sustainable Environment Management Project (SEMP) in 1998-2005.

  • UNESCO: Study on the cultural heritage and indigenous knowledge of tribals in Chittagong Hill Tracts' 2001.

  • FAO/DoF: Empowerment of Coastal Fishing Communities for Livelihood Security (ECFC) Project in 4 Upazilas of Cox's Bazar district, during 2003-2004.

  • UNDP/MoEF: Community Mobilization in Hakuluki Haor (with 2 local partners IDEA and PROCHESTA) under Coastal & Wetland Biodiversity Project of GEF since April 2005.


  • With ITAD Ltd,UK: Process Monitoring of Social Investment Program Project (SIPP) of SDF since January 2004.

  • Netherlands government.

  • MES-II Project: "Impact Study on Hilsha in the Moktaria Channel between Hatia and Nijhum Dwip" in 2000.

  • Netherlands Embassy-Dhaka: Biodiversity Conservation Planning in the coastal area of Noakhali district in 1998-1999.

  • IUCN-Netherlands: Bio-physical and Socio-economic characterization of Hakaluki Haor in 2001-2002.

  • WARPO/ICZMP: Participatory District Development Plan in two Coastal districts with CEGIS in 2005.


  • Relief Operation in Sunamgonj district during flood-2004.

  • Derai Small Embankment Project in 2005.

  • Implementing LEAF (Livelihood, Empowerment and Agro-Forestry) Project in Jamalgonj, Sunamgonj since March 2005 with Inter Cooperation.

  • FRRAS (Flood Risk Reduction Activities in Sunamganj) with CARE Bangladesh.

ORiental bird Club, UK

  • Pallas's Fish Eagle conservation planning and nesting tower building in Jamalgonj upazila in 2001-2002 and 2003-2004.

Cairn Energy PLC and its JV partner Halliburton Inc.

  • Implementing Sea Turtle Conservation activities in the southeastern coastal areas of Bangladesh during 2001 to date.

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