Food, Agriculture & Nutrition

Food, Agriculture and Nutrition: Projects have primary focus on food production, agriculture and nutritional aspects. Such as, Shuchana project has key focus on nutrition. Usually, NRM/CCA projects include agriculture as a major component to address food and nutrition viz. CREL works on agriculture.

Food security is the prime concern of local communities live in remote areas have higher dependence on natural resources (wetlands, forests, coastal zones) for their livelihoods. In Ecofish site, CNRS facilitate the poor fishers to get their food support entitlements from the government during fishing ban periods (40 kg rice per family). Such bans are to facilitate mature hilsa to spawn, grow and attain maturity and thereby maintain a healthy stock of hilsa in Bangladesh coastal waters. Through CREL, CNRS assisted salinity affected Shatkhira and Khulna areas to grow rice and non-rice crops adopting saline tolerant varieties, crop diversification, water conservation, improved technologies and market linkage development. While in the single cropped low lying flashflood affected haor basin experience recurrent crop loss, food security initiatives of CNRS was many folds. First, extension of short duration rice varieties (BIRI Dhan 45), crop diversification in relatively higher land, kanda farming, alternative crop cultivation that need low irrigation and harvested earlier than rice which is prone to flood damage

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