Governance System


The organizational aspects of CNRS is managed and governed as per the rules set forth in the constitution and is administered by two set of bodies viz. The General Board (GB) comprising of 21 (twenty one) members and an Executive Committee (EC) of 7 (seven) members. The day-to-day management and operation of organizational activities are accomplished by the Executive Director (ED) along with directors, advisers and staff members.

There are various operational manuals, policies and tools which form the basis and guiding principles for the governing of the organizational matters including implementing various donor supported projects and activities. Besides, there are some operational procedures/ tools that we have adopted to further smoothen the operational aspects. These include:

1. Senior Management Team (SMT) - a seven-member senior management team (SMT) is formed headed by the Executive Director (ED) to facilitate day-to-day functions of CNRS.

2. Audit committee - In order to strengthen internal control mechanism, CNRS has adopted an "Audit Committee (AC)" constituted with 3 staff members to monitors, and take necessary actions to comply with the standard procedures and policies of CNRS.

3. Compliance committee - a 5-member compliance committee (CC) is formed to oversee the day to day compliance issues and risks associated with non-compliance of standard procedures and recommend corrective actions.

4. Gender forum - A five-member gender forum (GF) aimed at making CNRS a gender sensitive organization by facilitating space for women staff members to express their views, establishing gender equality, women's rights and gender friendly environment.

5. Independent Reviewers of procurement - CNRS assigns a mid-level staff member to undertake the responsibility as Independent Reviewer (IR) of procurement of goods and services on a random basis to ensure compliance of standard procedures.

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