Livelihood and Job Creation

Livelihood Security and Job Creation: Projects primarily support enhancing livelihood options, increased income, access to financial capital, job creation, etc. Most NRM projects have livelihood focus viz. Ecofish has livelihood focus, and micro-credit activity support community livelihoods falls under this theme.

Livelihood activities of CNRS cross cut with its NRM focused projects. Under CREL southwest site, 1,018 climate resilient livelihood schemes were demonstrated of which vegetables-125, aquaculture-85, poultry-40, saline tolerant rice, wheat, maize & mustard-768 in southwest region adjacent to Sundarbans. Besides, we trained 10,025 beneficiaries (9,418 were women) in different livelihood trades (i.e. vegetables, aquaculture, poultry and saline tolerant rice cultivation), and vocational training on Electrical House-wiring to 14 youths. CNRS through CREL also assisted 157 (59 women) local service providers (LSPs), and 28 agribusiness/ collection centers (4 run by women) in Satkhira and Khulna areas adjacent to Sundarbans. We also organized 59 Financial and Enterprise Literacy Centers (FELCs) through which 1,180 female beneficiaries are trained on business skills. About 600 women were linked with a fair trade organization, Pebble Child Bangladesh: Hathay Bunano, who provided them a 2-month basic skills tr aining, and are now buying back their produce (dolls) and exporting to 37 countries across the world.

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