Water and Sanitation

Water and Sanitation: Projects have prime focus on integrated water management and sanitation. NRM/agriculture projects also have activity targeting water management for people, agriculture and nature (ecosystems and biodiversity) such as CREL and WBRP.

CNRS focused more on water for ecosystems or nature and demonstrated habitat rehabilitation in several wetlands to increase water retention year round so that ecosystem can better function and provide required services for human and nature. Increased volume of water in wetlands provide safe haven for fish and other aquatic biota and thus help sustain biodiversity. Several wetlands were rehabilitated under CREL and WBRP projects in haor and Chalan beel areas respectively. CREL also excavated a ponds and set up sand filters for community drinking water in saline prone Satkhira area addressed adaptation aspect to CC impacts. Encouraged farmers of saline prone coastal Shyamnagar area to excavate small ditches at a corner of their crop fields and fill with sweet water from nearby ponds to irrigate winter crops which otherwise remained fallow in the past due to scarcity of freshwater.

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